February 20, 2020

Hi everyone! I made some very slight changes to the site, mostly some re-organization. I decided to make "Cloud World" the main "hub" and have multiple sites branching off of it. I am working on another site that will eventually be linked here that will be more personal and have some special interest pages (featuring many of my "collections"). I want to add more links too. Want to trade links? Email me or leave a note on my Neocities profile. ^_^

February 14, 2020

Hi everyone! Happy valentine's day! ^_^ I have added a guestbook and an email link to my site on page four, under "Contact Me". I also changed the look of the site quite a bit by adding the cloud background and the transparent white container. It isn't my favourite thing but it is good enough. I am planning on re-organizing the links on this site and maybe making the main page links more descriptive, heh. I might make one page linking to the experimental subpages, like the cosmic microwave background bunny, and cloud world creatures. I guess the fish page would also qualify. I could make the mainpage more of a traditional "welcome" page, then. I just find that gif so hypnotizing, and I really wanted it to be featured.

Thank you Laika for the chocolates! ^_^

February 12, 2020

Hi! I made a few small updates to the site. Nothing major, just changed a few mouse cursors. I received a very detailed report on my cognitive functioning today. I am still processing it all. I feel such a strong sense of relief right now. A lifetime of questions were answered. A new phase of my life begins now.

February 11, 2020

Hello! I made a new sub site, check out Bee-Unit's Garden. *Hint* You can also visit this site by clicking on the flowerbed at the bottom of the main page. There is one other link to the garden somewhere in cloud world, can you find it? ^_^ Bee-Unit is a dear friend of mine, in case you were wondering. Bee-Unit is always happy, just like everything in cloud world. It sure is a great place to visit.

February 8, 2020

Hi so I took a muscle relaxant and it helped me sleep on and off over the past 18 hour or so. I am extremely anxious about an appointment coming up this Wednesday and it's affecting my ability to sleep. My stomach is also very upset and I don't feel much like eating. Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight so that I can go skating tomorrow without feeling like I'm about to have a heart attack. I must resist the urge to consume nicotine. I know that it affects my heart beats and I am legitimately terrified of having a heart attack and I have reached the age where that is no longer an unrealistic outcome for me. Anyway sorry for being such a hypochondriac LOL. I've had some health issues due to burnout. Yup, I am home, and alone, most of the time these days. I run out of energy pretty quickly and get overstimulated easily. This is my reward for pretending to live as a normal person for the past 10 years.

As for the site, I am not sure what to add to it next. I spend most of my online time looking at other people's websites and searching for cute animated gifs, lol. I guess I could throw some link buttons on the bottom of my page. I am not sure if correct protocol would call for me to inform the website owner of this. I am still fairly new to neocities but I have come across many cute sites so far. I even had a few people follow me which I didn't expect to happen! ^_^

February 7, 2020

Hi so. It is 4:44 am. I am very pleased with that number. This is going to be a blog area for my website. I guess I'll just write random thoughts that come to mind as I am messing around with the look and style of the site. I want to see what my rainbow dividers look like. I will need to have more than one blog entry to really highlight it but I will show one of them at the bottom anyway, because why not?

Well it is now 9:30 am and I still have not slept. I only slept two four hour shifts over the last 3 days. I think I know why this is and it will be temporary. In the mean time, I have had fun updating the site. I hope you like the song I used. I really want to customize the cursor but I need to find a suitable image for it first. I should probably try sleeping again. Good night everyone.